5 Mini Gizmos That Fit in Your Pocket or Purse

July 26, 2014

12:00 pm

Here are five pocket-friendly gizmos to make your travel even more comfortable:


1. Charge key

When connecting a charger to a smartphone or connecting other electronic gadgets to the wall socket or power backup, you need a USB cable. Not so with the NomadKey and NomadCard. The card is the same size as a credit card and is as thick as two cards stacked together. On the center of the card, there is a flip-out cable that can easily connect to any USB port, and it has a micro-USB on the corner. It costs $29.nomadcard


2. USB on the go

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB drive and Kingston DataTraveler microDuo have connectors on either side – a full-sized USB for computers and a micro-USB for an Android smartphone or tablet, thus saving you from the hassle of a long wire. These work by connecting to your PC, copying files, and then transfering data to your smartphone. These devices do not support every Android phone, and prices vary according to how much memory they have.SanDisk usb drive


3. Cool pen drives

Moser Baer, Microware, and a few other brands have recently launched a variety of flat, credit-card-sized pen drives at affordable prices. These pen drives can easily fit into the credit card slot of a wallet, so that you can easily carry it anywhere. Though easy to carry, they have a slow data transfer rate (approximately about 8MB/s read and 3-4 MB/s write speeds). The prices of these drives are $8.30 for 4 GB and $10 for 8 GB.


4. Pocket speaker

This device is suitable for those who are fond of loud music and travel too much. The JBL Micro Wireless speaker connects via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm and can easily fit inside a shirt pocket. It is a 3W mono speaker with a built-in lithium-ion battery that will easily provide five hours of play time. It also supports 3.5mm lineout, so that another Micro can be connected to increase the output.

JBL Micro Wireless speaker

5. A power bank with high capacity

The Portronics Charge II with high capacity has a battery backup of 12,000mAh. On top of that, it has two USB ports: one for tablets and smartphones and the other meant only for smartphones. You could also go for the Go Puck 3X with 4,400mAh backup or the 5X with the ultimate backup of 6,500mAh, with seven types of connectors to support a variety of smartphones and prices ranging from $50 to $110.Portronics Charge II

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