4 Common Mistakes Writers Make When Profiling Entrepreneurs

March 22, 2017

5:50 pm

In the entrepreneur world, everyone has taken a different journey to founding their own business. However, in many cases, tech and entrepreneurial writers at times lump startup founders into a single category for the sole purposes of creating a story.

We asked four entrepreneurs what common mistakes writers make when profiling entrepreneurs. Take a look at their answers below and see how some prefer to be discussed.

Not Recognizing the Differences Within Entrepreneurship

There’s a lot of hype about entrepreneurship and writers tend to put us all in one big bucket. The reality is that there are many different flavors of entrepreneurship and it can be confusing for readers when we are all lumped together.

– Joshua Moe of Odigia

Categorizing Individuals

Sometimes they try to put you in a box and are less cognizant that you are a person and have other interests and topics that you also enjoy speaking about. Sometimes those interests and experiences were the stepping stones to the place that you are standing today.

– Jessica Baker of Aligned Signs

Overgeneralizing Experience by Tagging on ‘-preneur’

Writers sometimes use a prefix for “-preneur,” such as  “solopreneur,” “mompreneur” or “multipreneuer.” These labels are often unwanted, inaccurate, and subtly downplay the person’s experience and contributions to their work. This approach [seems to be a] shortcut to actually telling someone’s story and it’s a disservice to the reader who wants to get to know them.

– Jules Taggart of Jules Taggart Marketing Strategy

Laser Focusing on One Thing

Writers can focus too much on one aspect of the entrepreneur’s life or career. To really get an idea of the factors behind an entrepreneur’s success (and of who they are as a person), one needs to paint a complete picture of their life. Too often, writers get caught up on one specific detail.

– Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

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