3 Apps that Allow you to Take a Secret Vacation

August 28, 2015

6:00 pm

When it comes to your clients, being available everywhere you go and anytime they need you isn’t always a bad idea. Your clients are used to having you around and have learned to depend on you, so don’t break that connection even for a short while when you are traveling. Fortunately, it’s much easier now to stay in touch than it was in the past. Gone are the days when making and receiving phone calls while traveling internationally are complicated and expensive. You won’t even have to change your phone number to avoid paying an arm and a leg in roaming charges. Take your mobile on vacation with you and maintain your regular business routine from remote locations. Enjoy sipping your espresso in Milano while speaking with your client in Ohio.

Stick With Your Own Phone Number

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, you do not need to leave a different mobile number with your clients and colleagues. Download Roamer and you can keep getting calls straight to the number you use every day. Use Roamer to make international calls while at home or when traveling abroad at low rates.

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With each call you make, Roamer lets you select from a list of options. If you are calling from home, you might choose to make a regular call for the best reliability or save money and make your calls over the Internet. When going abroad you choose between using Wi-Fi or inserting a local SIM card (using Roamer to validate it). With the local SIM, you will be able to place and receive calls over the regular mobile networks at cheap rates. With no roaming charges, you will get great reception with low prices using your own mobile phone number.

Don’t Leave Work Behind

There is no need to put your jobs on hold while traveling because with MailWise you can keep your projects moving along wherever you are. Whether at home or on the road, this app can keep all of your business and personal email accounts neatly organized in one place.


MailWise handles multiple accounts and setting it up is a breeze. Other advantages to using this app to manage your accounts is that it has a clean and easy conversation view with advanced features such as Calendar Sync and ActiveSync. Since it stores all of your data locally on your own device, it is totally secure. Use MailWise to increase productivity while you are out enjoying new sights.

Keep Your Messages Private

Download Path Talk to ensure the messages you send to friends and family are kept “off the record.” With this app you can easily share TV shows, voice messages, music, maps, photos, videos, and more. Its Smart Status feature will automatically update your status in the background to let your contacts know where you are, if you’re in transit or if your battery is low.


You can acknowledge receipt of messages with a simple swipe of the screen. And you can sleep better at night knowing that your private messages are deleted from the server after seven days.

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