Prove Your Grit as an Early-Stage Entrepreneur at The Mobileys

June 26, 2014

9:04 am

This is a sponsored post by Mobile Future, and we want to thank them for all of their support!

As an early-stage entrepreneur, it can be intoxicating to dream of future success. But as an early-stager, you also have to realize that nothing in this world is free; success must be earned. That is, not only must grander-than-life successes have to be earned, but so also pragmatic and attainable success.

Mobile Future has been dedicated to giving early-stage entrepreneurs an opportunity to seize such success and leverage for the future. The Washington, DC-based association is bringing The Mobileys back for its second year.

The national innovation competition shines a spotlight on wireless and mobile apps, services, and products with a specific emphasis on the social good side of the equation. All of the contestants must have the potential to make the world a better place.

Every entry will be critiqued by a judging panel of distinguished individuals from the tech, mobile, VC, and angel worlds. The winners will only be considered such if they can truly harness the power of mobile technologies to create lasting social benefit.

This year, Mobile Future’s Mobileys will be offering $20,000 in prize money to be awarded among four conquering startups:

  • First Place: $10,000
  • Second Place: $5,000
  • Third Place: $2,500
  • People’s Choice Award: $2,500

If you think you can step into the ring and emerge victorious, prove it: submit your application and share your cutting-edge idea about what’s fueling our mobile future. Applications are still being accepting through August 18, 2014.

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