Mobile Future’s Reverse Pitch Webinar: Get Investor Advice in Your Living Room

March 19, 2014

9:02 am

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When the time comes for entrepreneurs to interact with angels and VCs, there seems to always be a lingering question: how do you provide a perfect takeaway from a pitch?

On one hand, you can answer it directly, one entrepreneur at a time. However, Mobile Future has found a better way to bring in as many different individuals as possible: a webinar.

On Thursday at 1 pm EST, they will be hosting the “Reverse Pitch” webinar that will feature an investor’s perspective on how to refine a pitch and then successfully pitch it. To that end, Mobile Future advisor Diane Smith will moderate the conversation between the audience and investors Bill Payne and Dawn McGee.

First and foremost, Payne and McGee will approach the question of investing from different perspectives. McGee balances the social good of potential investments while Payne focuses more on bottom line and ROI.

But that difference in perspective is what makes this webinar so helpful: the more an entrepreneur evaluates their own perspective and approach, the stronger they can make it. Smith will also be able to weigh in because, as an investor, she had to redefine her approach over the course of her own entrepreneurial career.

In building her own tech business, Smith relied on the counsel of investors who guided her down a path to realize that what every entrepreneur needs is a customer. That new way of thinking changed her perspective, her pitch to investors, and the way she now helps startups.

“I work with startups because I think that their energy is infectious,” says Smith. “You’ve got to be an optimist to be an entrepreneur because you’ve got to believe it’ll work out. When I get to be part of that, then I walk away feeling pretty good about what the future looks like.”

And the contextual timing of the webinar couldn’t be better planned either, with the recent news about Facebook and WhatsApp. Smith, Payne, and McGee are planning to talk about valuation versus potential and revenue versus potential.

“We were planning the webinar before the WhatsApp acquisition, but the moment it happened, I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a tectonic shift in the industry,’” says Smith. “When you pay $19 billion for a company that doesn’t have much in the way of revenue, that’s customer reach defining valuation over all other factors.”

This webinar is a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs. After all, not all entrepreneurs live down the street from big VC firms. Bostonians, New Yorkers, and San Franciscans might have the benefit of attending events like this weekly, but entrepreneurs in other communities, like the Montana-based Smith, might not readily find opportunities like this one.

“I don’t see startups as high-risk at all, but rather crucial for our country. It’s who we are: we push the envelope and invent new things,” says Smith. “I’m grateful to share those experiences.”

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