A Twist on the Mobile Marketplace Concept: Use MoBubble to Start and Grow a Local Business

August 8, 2011

3:00 pm

To be quite honest, I am getting sick of all the mobile marketplace apps that have been launching left and right.  I don’t care what they say – they are all very similar, with just a few tweaks to features here and there.

When I started reading about MoBubble this morning, though, I realized they could very possibly stand out from the crowd if they focus on one differentiator: starting, growing, and running a business using their app.

They call their platform “proximity commerce” and talk about buying and selling to people around you. Same old, same old, but MoBubble aspires to be more than a mobile Craigslist.  Skip to the part where they talk about how people can start, grow, and run a business from the palm of their hand.

It gets better, though, because this app really does act like it wants to facilitate business growth.  It has some eBay-like validation features: built-in messaging, user-reputation, listing-reputation, seller-ratings, and buyer-reputations.

MoBubble just launched their app in beta last week, so you can submit your email on their home page to get an invite and try it out.  I am going to keep my eye on them, because I really do hope they live up to what they could be.


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