MOCAheart Easily Measures Your Blood Pressure Through Your Thumb

January 5, 2016

10:00 am

Technology in healthcare is constantly getting better. It’s amazing how the tests that were once super complicated, have become easier, less painful, and less invasive. We’re able to test blood sugar without pricking a finger, we’re able to bring low cost breast cancer screenings to those in need, and now we can measure blood pressure without a cuff.

MOCACARE has developed the MOCAheart device which measures your blood velocity in your thumbs. Your blood velocity is correlated to your blood pressure, so it can give you an accurate reading. Blood velocity can also help determine a number of other important indicators of heart health including heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Blood velocity is correlated to blood pressure in that the faster the blood travels through your blood vessels, the more pressure the heart is under. MOCACARE measures this on a scale called the MOCA INDEX (are you noticing a naming theme yet?). Since systolic and diastolic blood pressure figures can be hard for everyday users to understand and remember, and all you really need to know is whether your blood pressure is low, normal, or high, the MOCA INDEX is an easy way to understand the current state of your cardiovascular health. The 1-5 scale ranks your blood pressure as (Low, Ideal, Raised, High or Very High). It does provide you with the systolic and diastolic numbers as well, if you want to keep track of the real numbers.

If you’re someone who needs to constantly monitor your blood pressure, the MOCAheart is perfect because it is portable. Sure it’s a little pricey, starting at $149.99, but it’s small – about the size of a lime or a plum tomato – and comes in a variety of colors. The company is also debuting new accessories for it, such as a keychain and iPhone case, to make it easier to carry around.

A few other nifty features:

  • Measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels
  • Has optical and electrode sensors
  • Dedicated iOS and Android MOCAheart app
  • Automatically records environmental factors such as weather and location
  • Supports iOS 8 HealthKit

MOCACARE will be on hand at CES 2016 to show off their latest version of MOCAheart plus the new accessories that go along with it.

Here’s a short clip of how it works.


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