Monetize Videos on the Go With Alfa Share

July 21, 2015

8:00 pm

With the advent of the Internet, along came many new and until then unthinkable ways of making money using it. Making videos is one of the most well-known examples of this, especially with the creation and huge expansion of YouTube, a platform where users getting a great amount of views can be paid for the content they upload.

Some of that money comes from YouTube itself; users are paid for the ads placed on their videos according to the amount of hits and views they get. Some users also have endorsements and other kinds of paid publicity on their videos, which helps to make YouTuber a profitable hobby or even a really, really well paid full-time job – just look at the numbers made by the owner of the YouTube channel PewDiePie, which were recently subject of many analysis and discussion.

But there are other ways of making money with videos. With the overwhelming popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, there is the need to take advantage of their potential and use that to produce richness. Now, Cydersoft, a company providing video monetization solutions for the mobile advertising industry using a proprietary Ad Platform, has announced the launch of Alfa Share, a powerful cross-platform digital content publishing and monetization service that anyone can use. It is available for iOS and Android.

The popularity of those mobile gadgets is leading people to use them to consume digital content, where videos are obviously included. This means that mobile platforms have a huge potential for video monetization, something that Alfa Share can help with – it is the only platform that lets anyone with a healthy social media following make money just by sharing videos with their followers.

Users can even monetize their videos straight from Dropbox, as the service has a direct connection to that cloud service. This gives a glimpse over how easy it is to use Alfa Share, as users just have to drop in a URL for the video they want to share. Theoretically, any users with a social media account can use (and, of course, earn money) with Alfa Share, even though the revenue is obviously dependent on the amount of followers.

According to Cydersoft founder and CEO Semion Rotshtein, “publishing directly to the social channels is the future of content distribution”; after all, “people are already distributing video content, they are just not benefiting from it.”

Do you agree with Rotshtein, and believe Alfa Share can be a useful service to monetize videos? Let us know in the comments.

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