Monkimun Arrives in San Francisco by way of Singapore and Spain

October 19, 2014

6:00 pm

Startup teams join the 500 Startups accelerator from all over the globe. Monkimun is no exception. Prior to being accepted into the program, CEO Cristobal Viedma was in Spain, after just having left Singapore upon the acquisition of his previous startup.

“The whole project started as something to help my niece learn English, but as we were developing some edu-games based in Madrid, we saw there was a huge interest from people,” Viedma says. According to their website, Monkimun builds fun, educational games to make language learning fun for children. Check out this promo video for their Chinese program:


Viedma credits the 500 Startups program to opening “a million doors” in Silicon Valley. “As a foreigner spending his first months in San Francisco, it’s hard to reach people and it takes time to build a network. 500Startups does really accelerate this and it helps you with connections, mentors and even just the endorsement and being able to say ‘I’m a 500 Startup’ helps.”

Among the benefits that the Monkimun team has reaped from being in the program, Viedma cites the assistance with analysis as being key. Attribution, cohort analysis, and understanding their user base have been great lessons that 500 program mentors have provided.

Monkimun’s R&D team is located in Madrid, so the business will remain stateside and abroad after Demo Day. The employee loyalty found in the local talent pool in Madrid appears to be stronger than that of the Valley, according to Viedma. But Monkimun is happy to have found a new home in San Francisco to continue with business development efforts and remain in touch with the local investment community.

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