MONTAJ Aims to Become the Instagram of Video

February 3, 2014

9:10 am

For the average user, editing videos on a mobile device can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Videographers Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long wanted to help users overcome these challenges and creatively tell their stories using video. That’s why they created their mobile app, MONTAJ, which addresses the challenges of traditional video editing through an innovative process. MONTAJ breaks down videos into five-second clips, which, according to founder Gjokaj, is the industry standard for Hollywood. Once compiled, users can review their storyboard and organize clips in chronological order. Users can also add filters, music, voice-overs, and other edits. MONTAJ has a unique feature that helps break through the creative blocks that often hinder amateur videographers.

Through a literal flick of the wrist, users can shake their phones to make MONTAJ rearrange the clip order, filters, and music at random. However, if users like a specific section of their clip, they can lock down that arrangement so it isn’t changed when the phone is shaken. Once users are satisfied with their final clip, they can share it with friends across various social networks. The final clip can also be downloaded and uploaded for edits with advanced editing software.

Although the video-sharing space is crowded, MONTAJ believes it will stand out by simplifying the process of creating a compelling video. Much like Instagram made it easier for photo enthusiasts to process, upload, and share videos online, MONTAJ seeks to help users easily create and upload high-quality videos.

MONTAJ is currently available as a free download for all iOS devices with iOS 6 installed. An Android version is coming soon in the company’s second quarter. For examples of what MONTAJ is capable of, click here to see example videos.

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