Moodfish: Your Personal Mood-based Event Calendar

October 5, 2010

5:27 pm

Have you ever had one of those nights where you instantly got in a mood to do something energetic but just couldn’t figure out what to do? Or one of those days where you realized that something was missing in your life and the only thing to boost your mood was to do something quirky and different? A new company, Moodfish, offers you an online destination to find local events that cater to your every vibe!

Moodfish is a mood based search engine to help you find live music, movies, sports, outdoor events, performing arts and dining options available to you based on where you are and what mood you’re in right now. No longer will you have to go to an event search engine and click through mulitple listings until you find the event that suits your vibe. Their goal is to reduce your search time and increase the actual time spent at various events.

How to use Moodfish

Moodfish’s 7 mood categories help define each event so that you know what you’re going to attend: Sunny, Melancholy, Sensual, Quirky, Energetic, Mellow and Intense. Next to each event posting you’ll see the “Mood Mix” chart with gives you a percentage breakdown of which categories the event best fits. So, for example when a new rock concert is posted, the mood mix may have 60% of the “intense” bar filled. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting in to before you even get dressed to go – this can be quite helpful when determining what to wear.

Moodfish launched their beta in August of this year and is continually releasing new features. The Moodfish team will be on hand at TECH cocktail Austin this thursday October 7th ensuring that your mood stays “sunny” while you have a rockin’ time!

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Samantha has been a long time contributor to Tech Cocktail, and runs SLS Consulting, a marketing and partnerships practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow Samantha at @sfsam22.

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