Even More Mentors Imparting Wisdom at Innovate Celebrate 2017

October 2, 2017

3:50 pm

Support is what makes a startup ecosystem grow. Without accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurs VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and, perhaps most importantly, mentors, most hubs around the world would have trouble keeping their businesses alive. Fortunately, at Innovate Celebrate this year, you’ll be able to sign up for mentor sessions that could make a huge difference in the future of your burgeoning company.

The Sessions

There are two types of sessions available at our annual conference this year. Mentor Circles Presented by Revelry are 30 minute group sessions designed for attendees who want the opportunity to gain insight into specific challenges they are having within their business and receive valuable targeted advice for those issues.

Mentor Sessions Presented by Revelry are 30 minutes private sessions designed for attendees who wish to take a deep dive into challenges facing their startup or business and gain valuable insight and advice to help build their business.

Learn more about the Mentor Sessions Presented by Revelry and sign up here

The Mentors

There are going to be dozens of impressive mentors available for advice at Innovate Celebrate 2017. Take a look at the founders, investors, and partners below and check out the first lists here and here:

Jeff O’Hara, founder, Edmodo

Meet with Jeff for advice on entrepreneurship, education technology, social media, server architecture, funding, and network design.

Philip D. Bennett, Founder & CEO, Prodromos Marketing

Philip is a community builder, startup coach, and marketing and promotions educator. He is an expert in marketing, building brand and community engagement.

Brittany Laughlin, Partner, Lattice Ventures

Meet a VC who’s addressing the market need for value add investors at the seed stage with operational advice and industry access. Brittany has extensive experience managing the early stage funding for some of the largest names in tech, and has experience founding technology companies as well.

Dave Ciaglo, Director of Business Development, Tradehelm

Visit with Dave for help managing strategic planning, sales, and even off-shore technology vendors! Dave has directed numerous organizational advances that lead to vendor management and other software solutions strategy for major businesses.

David Robinson, VP of Product Design, Oath

Meet with David for advice on creating and designing products. David has extensive experience pioneering design, UX, and video innovation for technology companies.

Matt Galligan, Founder, The Picks & Shovels Co

Matt Galligan is an experienced product designer who believes in solving complex problems in simple and elegant ways. He’s launched and built many successful companies, and remains dedicated to helping fellow founders meet the challenges that they face.

Paul Sabbah, President and Founder, Stamford International Inc.

Meet with Paul to gather expert advice from his 30 year history of sales, product development, and business development in the consumer electronics industry.  Paul can advise you on launching a global strategy for exporting your consumer product.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, Founder and CEO, ThresholdImpact

Meet with Dr. Muzyka to chat about new media and medical innovations. He is a leader in sustainable, profitable impact investing and social entrepreneurs.

Ed Gutman, Product Management Consultant

Schedule some time with Ed for the opportunity to get advice from a veteran tech industry product manager who was an early employee at Twitter and has deep exposure in both the consumer and business units. Ed is well versed in the growing pains of startups transitioning to publicly traded companies.

Dr. José Morey, Senior Medical Scientist, IBM Watson Research, and Medical Technology/AI Adviser, NASA iTech

Meet with Jose for your opportunity to learn from one of the brightest minds engaged in leveraging big data to push the boundaries of humanity! Dr. Morey has consulted with various companies and healthcare systems to help create and train deep learning algorithms and neural networks to create intelligent systems in healthcare and automation.

Thomas Knoll, Executive Advisor, Revelry

Meet with Thomas to draw on his extensive experience as a startup founder, community architect, and startup advisor. Thomas’ experience includes building, advising, and designing product and community at Primeloop, 500Startups, LaunchRock, Zappos, UserVoice, and Seesmic.

Sanjai Marimadaiah, Product Leader and Startup Advisor

Sanjai has held diverse business roles including VP & GM for Business Incubation at CA Technologies, and various roles at Oracle, HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Meiosys – a Linux Container startup, acquired by IBM. AI startups will want to chat with Sanjai to tap into his experience as a mentor at the TechCODE AI+ Accelerator.

Chau Nguyen, Resource Supervisory Patent Examiner, USPTO

Chat with the US Patent and Trademark Office by selecting “Roundtable with USPTO”! Chau provides guidance and resources about intellectual property, especially the patent application process, to innovators.

Andrew Polay, Primary Patent Examiner, USPTO

Chat with the US Patent and Trademark Office by selecting “Roundtable with USPTO”! Andrew frequently helps to educate the public on intellectual property matters.

Register Now to Attend Innovate Celebrate 2017

Make sure to join us at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco, CA. The event will take place October 9-11, and it is held in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

This year, we are proud to offer the Mentor Sessions and Mentor Circles Presented by Revelry thanks to support from the team at Revelry. Revelry builds digital products to help companies scale, automate workflows, and deliver on innovation faster than their competitors. 

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