Mosoro makes hardware app integration easy for mobile app developers

April 17, 2013

4:11 pm

Mobile app development is a vicious cycle. Every time technology hardware improves, so must your app. While it may be easy initially to build a small app following instructions and manuals available online, the process of building an app for a new technology (for example, Bluetooth LE hardware), and keeping your app updated, can be tedious as well as time consuming. App developers: what if there were an easy way to implement an SDK for iOS and Android to efficiently integrate and monetize new hardware? While covering all new hardware is nearly impossible, an SDK covering a broad portfolio of Bluetooth LE hardware may be just the edge your app is looking for: meet Mosoro.

Tech Cocktail: What is Mosoro?

Mosoro:  Mosoro™ (@mosoro – Golden, CO) offers a turnkey solution for Bluetooth™ LE (a.k.a. Bluetooth SMART™ or BLE) app-enabled accessories. We have created the simplest way for app developers to maximize the number of apps available for the broadest range of Bluetooth LE hardware by combining an easy-to-implement SDK for iOS and Android with premier Mosoro Cloud services. The Mosoro SDK creates exciting ways for app developers to engage their customers by removing the complexity of integrating Bluetooth LE hardware into an app, while also helping app developers become retailers through a turnkey mCommerce offering.

Tech Cocktail: Who are the founders of Mosoro?

Mosoro:  Cofounder and CEO Mike Stemple has founded and/or led companies such as nReach, Skinit, Original Wraps, and Odojo. Founder Institute founder Adeo Ressi calls him, “one of the top mentors in the world, out of over +25 Founder Institute locations and hundreds of high profile CEO’s.”

Cofounder Chris Stemple, Ph.D. also founded and/or led the companies mentioned above, and has a long list of development achievements in the technology industry.

Cofounder Wes Felteau is an award-winning software engineer who was a founding member of the development team.

Tech Cocktail: What problem does Mosoro try to solve?

Mosoro: Mosoro’s BTLE SDK condenses the amount of time it takes to integrate BTLE hardware into an app from weeks to only a few hours of developer effort. The Mosoro SDK enables the hundreds of thousands of iOS & Android developers to easily get into the BTLE hardware business.

Tech Cocktail: Who are Mosoro’s competitors, and how does your product differ from them?

Mosoro: Compared to vertically integrated solutions like “Fitbit,” Mosoro’s product line reaches a much broader customer base, allowing for greater overall appeal at retail. Additionally, Mosoro supports third-party BTLE hardware within their SDK, creating a suite of hardware with the broadest range of apps from well-known brands to innovative startups.


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