Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Busy Entrepreneur

May 6, 2015

4:15 pm

Don’t panic, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Let me guess: you forgot to get your mother a gift!

Don’t fret, there are plenty of options for mom that doesn’t require five days delivery or a trip to a busy mall. We have a few ideas that can help make your make Mother’s Day that much more special. Here’s a Mother’s Day gift guide for those who forgot it’s a few days away:

1. Have Your Mother’s Favorite Flowers Delivered

Every woman loves flowers, so why not order mom her favorite flowers online? There are a few companies that make the process seamless and deliver on time. The Bouqs and From You Flowers have beautiful options at different prices that will make any mother smile.

2. Pamper Your Mother with a Relaxing Massage

Help mom relax (you think raising you was easy?) with a day at a luxurious spa. Groupon and Gilt City always offer great spa discounts, but check out Luxury Link‘s network of high-end spas in your area. If a day of pampering at a resort is too much, buy her a massage at home with Zeel.

3.  Sweeten Her Mother’s Day

Sometimes flowers are not enough, so why not send her some chocolate? Wouldn’t she love some gourmet, chocolate-covered berries? Sugarfina  and CandyGram will deliver delicious candy on Mother’s Day.

4. Give Your Mother Some Uber or Lyft Credit

Next time your mother is visiting a new city, give her the option of avoiding the annoyance of finding a taxi by paying for her ride. Uber and Lyft are available in various cities around the world, and if you know mom is planning a trip somewhere, this will be a convenient gift.

5. Let Mom Know She is Beautiful

If your mom is constantly trying new beauty products, Birchbox is the perfect gift.  Give her a one-year subscription to this beauty box delivery service, and find out how she will appreciate being treated like a queen not only during Mother’s Day.

6. Oyster or Amazon Prime for the Avid Reader

If your mom is constantly reading the latest New York Times best sellers, why not sign her up for unlimited books all year long? Any self-proclaimed bookworm will appreciate such a thoughtful gift, so pay for her Amazon Prime subscription or Oyster. She will need a Kindle, so make sure she has one (if not, get her one).

7. Every Mother Loves Some Vino

For wine lovers, there’s nothing like getting new recommendations and trying new bottles. With Club W, you get three new bottles delivered to your home every month. Pay for mom’s one year of delicious wines monthly. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Mothers also Love Gift Card

If you can’t make up your mind about what to get her, an e-gift card is also a great option. From Etsy to Ebay and even Amazon, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to include a nice message that she will surely appreciate.

9. Create a Digital Collage

You may think it’s cheesy, but trust me, moms love pictures of their babies (that’s right, you’re still her baby and forever will be). Why not take her favorite pictures of the two of you and make a beautiful, digital collage? It shows that you took the time and that you put creative thought into it. If you want bonus points, post it on Facebook (tag mom, of course)  and write a beautiful Mother’s Day message for everyone to see. Try SmileBox or Diptic app

10. You

It may sound silly to you, but what every mother wants is to be close to her children. Take a day off during the week and spend time with her. It shows that you’re putting her before anything else. Ask her what she wants to do during the day, take her to lunch, go workout with her, go to IKEA…just make her feel special. Trust me, it will be an unforgettable gift.

Mother’s Day is every day. Make sure you tell her how much you love her.

Image Credit: Flickr/mrhayata

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