Dallas is Getting a Shiny New Real Estate Accelerator

June 25, 2015

11:00 am

Dallas is at the top of the food chain when it comes to Fortune 500 companies, which is why it’s spawned some top innovations from companies like Tech Wildcatters. The team there prides themselves on being the best B2B focused accelerator in the city, and big part of that success is related to Dallas’ ecosystem.

When they first launched Tech Wildcatters was first to market for this niche accelerator, and it was announced that a company called MOTIVE will be following in their footsteps. However, MOTIVE will be focusing purely on real estate for their accelerator.

Much like the B2B angle, Dallas is considered by many to be a great place to innovate at the intersection of real estate and technology. In fact, according to the team at MOTIVE, Dallas’ real estate tech ecosystem is one of the great untold stories of the city.

The project itself will officially be launched in late August and will be supported by an extensive network of real estate and industry influencers. Currently, they’re accepting applications for their first class that’s scheduled for launch this fall.

“MOTIVE is an entrepreneur-first accelerator for tech companies focused on  real estate with a focus on customer development,” says President of MOTIVE Partners, John Backes.

Alongside Backes, Sean Caho – COO – will help select 10 companies to fund each year, investing approximately $40,000 into each respective venture. The duo will look to reflect what’s important to them: intensive focus on the lean entrepreneurial process, a strong and cohesive team, a give before you get mentality, and the desire to change the status quo.

Applicants will have to supply detailed information about their founders, who their target customers are, and what problem their products will solve. It’s all worth it though, because Caho and Backes assure me that acceptance into the program is a huge boost for these entrepreneurs. You can expect everything to culminate in a demo day later in the fall.

“Look for MOTIVE to catalyze innovation in technology for the real estate industry –not just in Dallas, but industry-wide,” says Caho. “Its launch will establish a collaborative connection between established firms and new ideas that are ready for prime time.”

You should also remember that this is just the first announcement surrounding the new accelerator, and as time goes on they’ll announce a number of partnerships with VC firms, real estate tech conferences, and some prominent players in Dallas. Knowing what kind of powerhouse innovation Dallas is capable of, I wouldn’t bet against these guys.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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