Motorized Luggage For People Too Ashamed to Buy Rascal Scooters

July 22, 2016

2:00 pm

Traveling can be an arduous task. You’re expected to endure security lines, stale bagels, and smelly aisle mates without raising a fuss for fear of ending up in a TSA holding cell. And, in addition to all that, you are also expected to carry around a bag full of your clothes for more than a few hours. Fortunately, one company is hoping to change that with luggage that can only be described as a lazy person’s paradise.

Dubbed the Modobag, this product is a motorized roller bag that can take you where you need to go. Equipped with stylish handlebars, sturdy wheels, and an electric engine that can get you up to 8 miles per hour, this impressive piece of luggage technology will no doubt usher in an era of a Wall-E level sedentary lifestyles the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

If you’ve been on Facebook today, you’ve likely already seen the video: grown adults saddled up on motorized roller bags, galavanting around O’Hare airport in Chicago. While this video seems like it should be appearing on an episode of the Dude Perfect Show rather than Indiegogo, investors have already helped them reach their $50,000 goal with more than a month left, proving that this idea has legs, although you won’t be using them.

Yes, these motorized roller bags make for some of the most click-on-able content the internet has seen in a long time. But does the world really need another reason to stay sitting down? Studies have shown that sitting down for long periods of time has severely adverse effects on your health. The advent of standing desks is further proof that the business world has abandoned the sitting model and has traded in their sedentary lifestyle for an active attitude. And productivity is often the result.

But still, laziness sells. Entrepreneurs know the power of sitting down as a marketing tactic and there is no doubt that Indiegogo and Kickstarter will continue to be filled with products that make life easier for the lazy among us. And while I stand on my soapbox condemning those lazy enough to back this motorized piece of luggage, I do find myself wondering how long the security lines are at O’Hare, and how nice it would be to sit down and take a load off while I wait for TSA to badger flyers into taking off their flip flops.

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