Movement Ventures Brings Boombox out of Stealth Mode

October 23, 2015

3:00 pm

Movement Ventures was built by a collective of talented entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, marketers, and geeks all focused on building interactive content tools for publishers and marketers. In fact, if you’ve seen any interactive quizzes, polls, or lists on sites like CBS, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Time, The Food Network, and Today there’s a chance it’s powered by the folks at Movement.

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They like to think that, by making this interactive content, they’re effectively making the internet more meaningful on piece of content at a time. That, in turn, has led them to introduce Boombox to the world, a creative suit of tools designed specifically for people who want to integrate interactive content into their web pages. Specifically, the team at Movement Ventures wants Boombox to help publishers and brands increase their page views and generate more leads for their businesses.

“Boombox makes it possible for sites to generate the engagement levels and social traffic that mega publishers like BuzzFeed and The New York Times typically experience,” says Chad Packard, Partner at Pelion Ventures Partners. “Boombox has unlocked a way for publishers and brands to generate millions in revenue by significantly increasing social traffic, page views, and lead conversion rates.”

Boombox was built to include a host of features to help out:

  • Adaptive to a site’s look and feel: Every Boombox tool can be customized to match any site aesthetic, ensuring a native experience
  • Targeted analytics for better insights: It’s easy to export and analyze data from Boombox, allowing you to learn more about your audience
  • Ability to collaborate across teams: Boombox offers dashboards for organizations to collaborate, edit, organize, analyze, and share content between teams
  • Easy to create, embed and share quizzes, polls, and lists: Boombox tools are plug-and-play, allowing publishers and marketers to quickly make their articles, pages, and posts interactive

“This is a very exciting time for us – our first product, Qzzr, grew faster than we could have imagined and our second product, Pollcaster, has outpaced that,” says Josh Little, cofounder and CEO of Movement Ventures. “Boombox is a product meant to change how people interact with content. The most innovative content creators in the world have already been using Boombox in stealth mode to engage their audience. With our official launch, we’re democratizing the interactive web, and giving everyone access to Boombox, for free.”

To date, Movement Ventures has powered over 80,000 brands and publishers with their suite of product offerings, and they’v been able to bring in a total of $7.5 million in funding across seed and Series A rounds. As the team keeps moving forward, the plan is to drive development of the Boombox platform and accelerate its growth across markets.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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