Is the Music Industry Threatened by Mobile Apps?

December 9, 2015

5:00 pm

When you are passionate about something, it is sometimes difficult to make it your own career, especially if your passion is music. Nowadays, new technologies have taken a crucial place in people’s lives – they even succeeded to replace some industries or at least, threaten them. One important question to ask nowadays is: is the music industry (more specifically, music production) threatened by the onset of mobile apps?

We live in an era where the music industry is still going strong. People like to watch singing competition series on TV, new artists are being discovered all the time, and music production changes track almost every year (if not every month). It can be argued that the reason is the growth of digital marketing and social media. Indeed, people are sharing video music with others, downloading songs, or – for the old fashion ones – still buying CDs.

Let’s not forget that for a long time, CDs were very popular, they offered certain advantages that digital-music solutions couldn’t match. They were easy to play (in the house, in the car, in dance class or anywhere else) and they also sounded better. Those advantages are still accurate today but the music landscape now has completely changed. Indeed, now we have smartphones that have a bigger storage capacity than the CDs used to, we can still listen to music in our car (with a disk on key or with a phone) and have access to a large array of songs. In addition to that, people are even saying on TV: “download this song on iTunes” whereas few years ago they used to promote a specific CD.

Also, music artists are affected by new technologies such as mobile apps. A survey done by Artist Revenue Stream showed clearly that emerging music/technology has had a measurable impact on artist’s careers as musicians and composers. Indeed, fans have found a free way to get the new track of the moment and emerging musicians have found a way to promote their selves without having resorting to music production. One of these ways is Shimmeo. With this app, people from all around the world will have a chance to promote their selves (and promote their culture in the same time). They will even have the opportunity to become famous without the help of a music producer, and more important without having to spend a tremendous amount of money.

The music industry has definitely changed, but some technologies are growing faster. Indeed, mobile apps are considerably expanding and are becoming very popular. You can listen to any music you want everywhere (through apps such as Pandora) or you can also create music video: both of them, for free.

If Justin Bieber was discovered through Youtube, any one of us can become well-known by creating and sharing video music on Shimmeo. How many talented artists are still playing in the streets? In the underground? An enormous amount. Some mobile apps such as Shimmeo will give a chance to talented artists (in lack of budget or of relevant connections) to promote themselves and to show their voice to the world.

Until now we have seen that music industry and more specifically music production, is being threatened if not slowly replaced by mobile apps. Most fans are not buying CDs anymore (they use their Smartphones to listen to music), and unknown artists are giving up the idea to contact managers since the music world is also accessible, for free, through mobile apps. In other words, mobile apps represent the future of any emerging artists and are an amazing way to make music industry better.


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