An app that can potentially replace SoundCloud for music discovery launches in DC

February 12, 2014

5:41 pm

In today’s music startup news, DC-based Musx launched its music discovery app for iOS, which aims to make sharing music with your friends as simple as sharing a tweet. It can be downloaded now for free on the App Store.

I’m really big on finding new music, so I’m constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to discover music, as well as ways to share my favorite finds with friends. At sign-up, you can link Musx with your contacts, as well as directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. When it comes to music discovery, Musx gives you a feed of songs shared by your friends and a feed of the songs that are currently trending with the app’s entire user base. The search feature allows you to search for songs and artists, as well as specific Musx users that you want to follow. Each song on your feed can be “liked,” commented on, re-shared on your feed, shared externally (via social networks, text, or email), added to a queue, or placed on a playlist.


Musx features a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it one of the better music discovery/music sharing apps in the App Store.

When it comes to music discovery apps, Musx has the essential features; I mean, these are things that you can already do through the mobile app offered by SoundCloud, which has pretty much become an industry standard when it comes to music discovery and sharing. Where Musx differs from similar apps on the market is its streamlined interface and ease of use – simply, the user experience on Musx is exemplary. From sharing to commenting, every action you make on the app takes place in-app rather than having things pop-up externally. Personally, what I like most about Musx is the ability to include commentary on in-app re-shares (a feature that I wish SoundCloud offered) while simultaneously sharing that externally to Facebook and/or Twitter – often, when such features are offered, they require two independent actions.

As of now, Musx’s reliance on YouTube and VEVO as their primary/main sources is one of its shortcomings. This places a limitation on the content that is available to users (as opposed to the much greater content available if functionality to link paid services, like Spotify, becomes a future addition).  There are future plans, however, to add SoundCloud itself as an additional source for the app; once that’s done, you better believe that Musx is going to be my go-to music app.

Download Musx now for iOS. 

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