“Muve” on Over iTunes – Two New Music Services Are On Way

December 22, 2010

11:32 am

Mobile phone operator Cricket Communications Inc. soon will introduce a new unlimited plan allowing users to talk, access the Internet, text, stream video — and download music. The streaming music service, called Muve Music, is reported to be the first for a phone carrier in the U.S.

The service will cost $55 per month when it launches in January. Unlimited use of the popular app Shazam – which identifies the name and artist of a song when held near the music – is also included. Users won’t actually own the music they download however; it remains on the phone and is non-transferable. This is to discourage users from leaving Cricket’s service.

Cricket’s business model doesn’t require a contract, such as AT&T and Verizon. The company has more than 5 million subscribers, which it describes as predominantly low income. Only half are estimated to have access to computers at home.

Sony also launched a music streaming service dubbed “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” (pronounced “curiosity”) which is cloud-based. Users don’t download tracks, like with Apple’s iTunes.  A paid subscription gives users access to a catalog of about 6 million songs, which can be streamed across Sony’s Internet-connected devices such as PlayStation 3, personal computers and Bravia TVs. The service cannot yet be used on cell phones.

The service debuted in the U.K. and Ireland on Wednesday and will be introduced in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and New Zealand and the U.S. next year.

Read more about Cricket’s Muve service.

Read more regarding  Sony’s music streaming service here.

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