MyLAB Box Brings STD Tests To Your Door

August 22, 2016

1:22 pm

While on the road to finding the global Startup Of The Year, we’re on a mission to feature and highlight as many rising stars as possible. From tech and hardware, to entrepreneurs improving the accessibility of health information, each month dozens of new startups try to breakout and create an impact in their industry.

This week we spoke to Ursula Hessenflow CEO of myLAB Box, a company looking to improve how people test for STDs.

myLAB Box From Los Angeles California

myLAB Box, an at-home STD testing service, eliminates the need for time-consuming, awkward trips to the clinic. Now people can be tested using easy five-minute tests anytime, anywhere, with free advice from a physician if they receive positive results.

If asked about your core values, what would you say when asked why do you do what you do (as an organization)?

myLAB Box was conceived by Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs Ursula Hessenflow and Lora Ivanova who saw the opportunity to fix a major gap between the way we all approach our sexual health and a health crisis of epidemic proportion. This startup was created after they noticed a worrisome pattern- less than half of Americans 18-44 have tested for anything other than HIV, leaving the most common infections undetected, conventional testing methods simply are not working.

Hessenflow: “Men and women are simply not testing for STDs consistently. The available testing options seem unable to provide a fast, private and positive experience to their customers and in a hundred-some years our healthcare system has not been able to solve the problem. As seasoned marketers, we saw that the problem was not in availability of testing options, it was in the way that testing is being delivered. myLAB Box was born to put decades of marketing expertise to work transforming preventative STD screenings.”

What has been one of your largest challenges as an organization, and how did you overcome it?

Hessenflow: “I think one of the biggest challenges we have faced from a business perspective has been overcoming the willingness of some social media and dating platforms to approach the subject of sex and sexual health. With social platforms, we had to work our way up the food chain to get resolution. However many major dating sites remain unwilling to be a part of  the solution and instead remain part of the problem, making it easy for people to hook up, but providing little to no access to convenient testing options.”

In one word, how would you describe yourself as a leader?

Hessenflow: “In one word: Inspiring. In multiple: I believe in inspiring each and everyone on our team to be brilliant leaders themselves and be empowered to take ownership and pride in their work.”

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Hessenflow: “Hijack a rocket ship and set up camp on Mars.”

What is the best piece of advice or quote you’ve ever received regarding running a business?

Hessenflow: “Persistence – A lot of NOs means you are on track to a YES.”

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Hessenflow: “Knowing that we are laying the groundwork for a global movement.”

What was your first paying job?

Hessenflow: “I worked at the Children’s Museum creating art and music with kids.”

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