MyMusaic: Let Your Moments Come Alive in Fun Photographic Video Stories

June 30, 2015

8:00 pm

One could say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but you know what: A video is worth a thousand images. With the iPhone 6 in my hands and two wonderful children, I usually end the day with tons of images concentrated around a theme. So why not shoot videos? Because taking an image is always the easier and quicker thing to do. Fortunately, there are apps to turn those images – which otherwise would sit on an external hard drive or in the cloud – into fun photographic video stories. MyMusaic is one of them.


“As an avid traveler, I was always thinking about where to go next and wanted to create a network dedicated to travel where people could discover experiences through shared content,” the creative mind behind MyMusaic, Alec Meikle tells me. “At the time, I was in the middle of editing a movie from my most recent trip with the tons of photos I took. Editing it to the beat of the music allowed me to cram hundreds of photos into a song and was my way of making it a short story of my experience that was fun to watch and easy to share. Getting back to the travel network, the thought was that if people could easily whip these quick paced movies together to share without having to edit, what a better way it would be to explore experiences and discover your next adventure?

“With that in mind, we created our automated movie technology and location base network that lends itself to experiences not limited to travel. While it’s rare to return from a trip without enough photos to make a good movie out of, it’s not that rare for everyday experiences which is why we created the event feature. This way users can pool their photos from any particular time into one place and effectively capture the experience with ease both privately and publicly.”

What makes MyMusaic special is its algorithm and the ease with which you can transform your favorite images into movies: To create a movie, you need only select the pictures (up to 50 at once) you want to include, and add music – you can choose from your music library and let MyMusaic do its thing. The result: a 102-second short movie (from 50 pics) that you can share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The length of the movie depends on the number of selected images. Oh, and you can download the movie to your camera roll as well.

After using MyMusaic for a while and sharing “my work” with friends, I noticed that they absolutely love this way of looking back on days spent together. By the way, if you use the hashtag #mymusaic when sharing, you might get featured on the official @MyMusaic Twitter feed.

MyMusaic is available as a free download on the App Store. Version 3.0 will be available on July 1, right in time for the July 4 holiday.

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