MyServiceJobs: The Free Solution for Your Work-Order Management Needs

October 15, 2015

8:00 am

Whether you are a field-service professional, a contract worker, a plumber, or an independent service contractor, you need a solution to manage your work orders, invoices, and payments — you know, all the administrative stuff that most professional workers hate to do but have to. That’s the process myServiceForce aims to ease with its myServiceJobs iOS app.


The fact is, 10 years of industry experience come in handy when developing an app that hopes to speed up the workflow of field-service professionals. The result is a simple and free iOS app that provides basic tools such as maintaining a customer database, scheduling appointments, and setting up follow-ups.

As you determine the customer’s needs, you can create a digital work order on the go and email the customer for approval. The next step is to convert it into an invoice when the job is done and then collect payment via card (card info required), cash, or check.

Overall, the app is pretty straightforward and feels fluid. Managing your appointments is easy, and you can add an event to your calendar in an instant. Also, you can easily convert your estimates into invoices, which can be sent to the client with a tap of a button.

By the way, using myServiceForce’s credit-card-processing service (fees apply), you can even collect payments and send the customer a receipt via email.

I have to mention the customer service as well, which is an important part of every business. While you can’t find much info within the app — although there is a dedicated section that ultimately leads to a page instructing you to send an email to support — if have any question, customer service reacts pretty fast.

With all the basic tools needed to manage your work orders, invoices, and payments, myServiceJobs can easily become your app of choice to speed up your workflow. Download myServiceJobs for free from the App Store.

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