MyStorey: Make Money on Photos by Selling Your Lifestyle

April 15, 2013

1:00 pm

Ever find yourself a little curious to find out what brand of shirt or shoes a friend was wearing, or where they got it? Perhaps you went as far as to comment on their Facebook photo or Instagram pic, asking the same questions, or letting them know that you loved it, and want one.

The truth is we have all seen friends, or friends of friends with stuff we love and want for ourselves. Often that’s how we actually find out about new products.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.03.23 AM

Meet MyStorey, a “we-commerce” platform that allows everyone to tag their photos with the gear they love and the products they wish to show off. It literally allows you to make money by telling people about the products in your photo….the products you love and are probably happy to talk about. Simply tag photos with an affiliate link on where to buy it.

Proud about the watch you wear, the wedding dress you saved long and hard for, or your new kicks? Why not show off a little?

MyStorey is taking on big competitors like Pinterest, Stipple, and The Fancy with a definite unique point of difference. You make money by contributing content.

I love The Fancy, think it has great content, but never contribute because there is no real incentive to do so…I don’t really care if I unlock deals. I love Pinterest, but was a little upset to see my affiliate links removed – so I love the direction MyStorey is taking, solving this problem in such an elegant way.

The tags do not detract from the image whatsoever, in fact they hide in the background. I think it plays to our fundamental nature – when we are curious about something we want to explore and learn more, and that is the beauty of MyStorey…only they have done the work for you!

MyStorey was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles mixer. 

Guest author Chris Joannou is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in everything from tech to skateboards. He’s the CEO and founder of DreamPushers, showcasing startups and visionaries, and Perceptar, a live mobile-to-mobile video application. He is also the director of the Startup Grind Melbourne chapter.

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