myWebRoom: An Online Space as Unique as Your Own Room

August 28, 2015

8:00 am

There’s no denying that social media is important and central to most of us on a daily basis. However, I think you could make the argument that social media comes up a little short with regard to personality.

Take Pinterest and Twitter for example: they’re geared towards content discovery and self-expression, but they don’t give a full picture of somebody’s personality. Tweets get buried in a sea of other tweets while Pinterest boards can box us into compartmentalized niches.

What if your content could exist as part of a living profile, or room, that you build for yourself though? It’s a thought that the team at myWebRoom had, and their exploration led to the creation of their social media platform, effectively building a place for users to showcase their personalities.

The content on myWebRoom exists as part of a living room, and users can store their favorite articles, products, videos, music, and websites directly in their digital spaces. Products placed in your room can be utilized as they would in real life also.

For example, users can access videos through the TV, listen to Pandora on their radio, socialize with friends on the computer, and read articles on a newspaper. As the team tells me, it’s a place to discover, connect, and interact from a fully personalized space.

The myWebRoom platform also streams daily feeds of the newest and hottest content to people’s rooms, based on their interests, as well as curates articles they might have missed. Users can save things that they like into any item they have in their room: if you’re a foodie, your daily feed would probably look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.46.32

The startup was born when cofounder and CEO Artem Fedyaev moved into his dorm room in college. As he looked around and noticed how students filled their spaces with personal objects, Fedyaev realized the once identical rooms had become as unique as the people living in them: he saw that a room is a deeply personal place. From that point on he committed himself to building a digital, 3D room that people could build as they see fit.

“To date, our users have saved and added bookmarks 350,000 times, placed products in their rooms 11 million times, and clicked to buy products 750,000 times,” says Fedyaev. “We’ve seen that potential customers enjoy designing their rooms and seeing how different items look when paired with one another; it’s a way of window shopping that brings them one step closer to purchasing.”

The whole aim of myWebRoom isn’t just to build these rooms though. Fedyaev and his team are killing two birds with one stone: the platform also serves as a built in product placement tool for brands and services. Not to mention they’ve seen some pretty amazing traction with over 700,000 users and over 40 retail partners – they also have plans to monetize over 11 million products that have been placed in users’ rooms further down the road.



Image Credit: Flickr / tec_estromberg’s page / cropped, resized


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