Using a Birthday Celebration to Help Fund a Service Dog

July 1, 2015

11:00 am

Dapo Oremade is a University of North Texas (UNT) graduate, member of the US Army, and he’s turning 28 years old this year. Like most people he wants to do something special for his birthday, but unlike most people that something special is for somebody else.

You see, he cofounded a company called NachoBirthday, where users eschew traditional birthday gifts from family and friends instead asking them to donate to what they hold important. It could be a celebration for a charity or funds to help lay the groundwork for a community project: social good prevails no matter the situation.

So, this year for his birthday Oremade decided to leverage NachoBirthday to honor a cause that’s very near to his own heart: he wants to help Jessica McClure raise the funds for a service dog. She suffers from cerebral palsy and dystonia, disorders that cause sustained muscle contractions, twisting, repetitive movements, and abnormal postures.

“They [service dogs] help with normal day stuff. They can help fold laundry, and you can also have dogs that know when you’re going to have a seizure,” says McClure in the video. “If you only have one dollar to give, that’s fine. Any amount is great and it’s a blessing that one dollar can give so much to one person.”

During his time at UNT Oremade met McClure through a tutoring job. As a college student he was looking forward to getting some extra cash in his pocket, but he never expected that this young woman would have such an impact on his life. As Oremade taught her biology and chemistry, she in turn taught him about resiliency, strength in weakness, and the confidence to always push forward.

Together they’re determined to reach the $20,000 goal, and they’ve promised to name the dog after whoever donates the most: if that isn’t one of the coolest crowdfunding perks yet, I don’t know what is.

“Through all of this Jessica holds strong and likes to tell me of her dreams to help people in the future,” reads Oremade’s campaign page. “She is in need of a service dog: she actually plans on going to college for public health and a dog will go a long way towards helping her.”

Image Credit: NachoBirthday video





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