Simplify Human Management with Namely

July 11, 2014

9:04 am

When it comes to managing human capital, organizations want a platform that’s easy to use, can accommodate the global workplace, and can be quickly implemented.

Namely, a leading cloud-based human capital management platform, enables companies to manage their human resources in a single, cloud-based platform. Namely’s end-to-end platform integrates every element of HR, from payroll to benefits, making information easily accessible by employees and managers.

How does Namely work?

Namely puts human capital management all in one place. Instead of companies having to depend on multiple systems for payroll management and HR tasks, Namely beautifully integrates these tools into a cloud-based platform. This enables managers to access everything they need for their HR-related tasks with a single password and username.

For employers. Namely offers a variety of tools for employers and managers. The platform enables employers to boost employee engagement through communication announcements and document sharing.

Namely is also very helpful for performance management. Employers can set specific goals for employees and monitor the performance of individual employees, teams, or the entire company.

For HR professionals. Namely reduces the complex work of HR professionals with an easy-to-use interface that keeps everything in one place. This platform allows HR departments to automate payroll, benefits, and tax filing.

Namely allows HR staff to create an inventory of a company’s employees through managing all types of employee information. HR professionals can pull headcount reports and customize data collection using Namely. The platform also allows HR staff to conduct employee reviews and record results in one place.

Pros of Namely:

  • Very versatile by handling different tasks with one application.
  • Improves project and team management functions.
  • Simple and easy-to-use layout.

Cons of Namely:

  • Due to the numerous features, some users may require extra time to become familiar with the product.

Namely is a great tool for any growing business seeking a cloud-based management platform to manage their HR tasks. For more information about the product, visit here.

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