NBA Star Ty Lawson Launches Bottles Waiting App to Improve Club Experience

October 24, 2014

9:00 am

We may never be royals, but we sure can have some fun like one!

The perfect night out means no hassles, at least that’s what NBA Star Ty Lawson and partners plan with the launch of Bottles Waiting app. The app aims wants to reshape how club goers enjoy their days and nights, and how owners manage their venues.

Bottles Waiting app allows users to search for clubs in their area and view the events being held at the venues — allowing them to see flyers and even promotional videos of specific parties. The booking feature in the user-friendly app allows club goers to see the venue’s floor layout, available tables, VIP and Celebrity tables. They are then given the option to reserve a table of their own and pre-purchase bottle service. It also allows users to see the drinks menu and choose a split payment option for the table.

For club owners whose businesses depend on the satisfaction of their clients, the mobile app allows for the seamless management of every facet of the venue’s operations. It becomes an all-encompassing managing solution, giving them access to real-time data to track sales, customer numbers, reservations, and future event attendance from one dashboard. Additionally, the app gives an insight into the marketing arena, which managers can use to tailor events popular with their clientele —bypassing promoters and hosts.


According to Bottles Waiting Inc. Co-founder and CEO Tim Bird, due to the nature of busy clubs, managers are constantly losing potential bottle service revenue just on the 25-40 minute waiting times often experienced by customers when they first arrive. The app’s bottle service pre-ordering feature essentially removes those waiting times, greatly improving customer experience and in turn generating more of the lucrative sales for the venues.

“We are creating the opportunity for more people to want to get bottle service by making it more accessible,” explains Bird. “The core idea behind the app is to make every customer feel like a VIP, taking away waiting times both within and outside of the club.”

The app is already paired with numerous clubs throughout the Denver area, including Beta — the city’s only Top 100 nightclub and bar. The launch is hyper local, first Denver and eventually other cities like Las Vegas.

According to, Las Vegas, one of the biggest centerpieces of this industry, is seen to pull in $1.5 billion alone with some clubs reaching revenue levels of $75 million per year. The Bottles Waiting app seeks to be at the forefront of revenue and organizational facilitation in the rapidly growing industry.

Along with Ty Lawson as CMO, and an advisory board consisting of Atlantic Records’ Motti Shulman, James Spivey from Zento Studios , and Brocade’s George DeLisle, the Bottles Waiting team is based out of Downtown Las Vegas.

As for why Lawson wanted to create this app: “He likes to go out and thought that there was an easier way to make the experience better.”


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