NBA Finally Updates Shot Clock Technology

July 8, 2016

9:00 pm

Sports is always the perfect venue for technological advancements. With millions of people watching every day and more rule changes than a first grade game of hide-and-seek, there is no telling what kind of gadget can give someone the upper hand. Fortunately, the NBA is teaming up with Swiss watchmaker Tissot in order to make the game more enjoyable for everyone by updating their shot clock technology for the summer league games. And it’s about time.

If you’ve ever been to an NBA game or even watched one on TV, you have likely seen these gigantic black boxes hovering over the basket, displaying any number between 0 and 24. These bulky, intrusive designs have been part of the game for years and they’ve blocked many a view of alley-oops, three-pointers, and game-winners. Fortunately, the new design boasts something that has been missing from shot-clock technology since the beginning: transparency.


New shot clock on the left, old shot clock on the right

That’s right, the new shot clock design will be completely see through, providing a less obstructed view for everyone in the nose-bleeds. In addition to the clear body, the shot clock will be substantially thinner and will be powered with efficient LEDs. You can even control it with a touch screen and provide firmware updates as the game advances. And that is perhaps the most important thing about them.

“It’s an iterative thing, it’s not one-and-done,” said NBA chief information officer Michael Gliedman in WIRED. “As they come up with new technology, we’re going to take advantage of it. This part of the platform makes it much easier to implement.”

The upgrade is just one more example of the NBA adjusting to the technological era of sports today. While they disallowed certain players from using wearables during games this year, it is no doubt they begin to keep technology in mind when the time comes. But until then, we will have to make due with our transparent shot clock.


Photo: Flickr / Eric Wong

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