Need Energy? Transform Your Diet With These Top-Rated Blenders

October 11, 2016

9:00 pm

Buying a blender is a big step! Not only does it mean you probably have some very specific plans – like finally making those healthy smoothies in the morning instead of grabbing a donut – but it also means you’re willing to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on a new kitchen appliance. In other words, you’ll want to take the time to research.

We’ve been reviewing the best rated blenders around the market, so we know what a blender needs to tackle the toughest veggies and smallest seeds. If you want something that can really shred kale and other tough, fibrous foods, then you need a blender with some power behind it. Here are the top three models.

Blendtec 625 – $500

Blendtech Designer 625

Blendtec’s powerful, advanced blender has several features that make it well suited for healthy smoothies and any related recipes. We love the settings and controls, which are not only easy to clean but allow you to find just the right programming for your favorite ingredients – including a setting specifically for smoothies. We’re also big fans of the Wildside jar, which has corners that make mixing and pouring much easier.

This model also has plenty of power for chopping through tough fibers, with a 3HP, 1625-watt motor and blunted blades that can power through veggies without chopping off your fingers (although you shouldn’t test this out).

The downside to this blender is its high cost – it may be just a little bit more blender than you need, especially if you are only making recipes for one. Otherwise, it combines power and modern features in a way you can’t really find elsewhere.

Ninja Ultima System – $280

Ninja Ultimate

Ninja’s Ultimate kitchen system may sound a little silly, but this blender package is one of the best around, especially for health recipes of all kinds. The settings are very basic with a 10-speed knob and pulse switch, but the 3HP, 1500-watt motor provide tons of power, and the pitcher is built for durability and accident-resistance, no matter what the blender has to power through. Notably, Ninja uses two different speeds for its blade sets, which is designed to liquefy ingredients more quickly.

But what we really love about this blender is that it comes with accessories, include a food-processing bowl with a feed chute and a couple nutrition cups that are perfect for holding your smoothie or various ingredients. It’s simply one of the best smoothie blenders around – and if you don’t like the accessories, you can pick a version without them to help lower the cost!

Cleanblend – $200


Cleanblend is a more humble blender than our first two picks, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also impressive. In fact, if you’re looking for a more affordable blender that can handle tough recipes, you may prefer this model to the others. The sealed blade assembly is easy to cleaning, and the controls are just as simple as the Ninja model with a variable speed knob and pulse switch. The 3HP motor is also powerful enough to deal with any ingredients. That, plus the tamper and pitcher construction, makes this blender particularly suited to smoothies.

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