You Need to Tip Your Uber Driver

July 22, 2016

11:45 am

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft make it possible for those who don’t have a vehicle to get around. And ride-share is already something that many of us can’t live without. With that being said, do you actually tip your Uber driver after you’ve ridden?

Living in a tipping friendly culture, you tip your bartenders, the amazing people who serve you food, valet, your yellow cab drivers and even sometimes your delivery guy.  So, why do most riders not tip their Uber drivers? Do you think tips are already included in your fares?

Many people don’t know the way the payment method even works for rideshare services like Uber. While the entire payment process takes place within the app, the cashless system doesn’t actually include tips in their fares – meaning, no, you’re not actually tipping them once you’ve paid.

But just because services like these run on a cashless system, that doesn’t mean you can’t tip with cash. Although Uber states that tips are not required, Uber drivers welcome and greatly appreciate your tip. Believe it or not, tips can sometimes help make or break an Uber driver’s weekly income.

You don’t need to be so cheap. Tipping a few bucks to your drivers show that you are grateful and acknowledge the quality service they are providing you. Uber drivers save you more than half you normally pay for a traditional taxi.

Lyft is Uber’s top competitor and they have a tipping feature in their app. Many Uber drivers are now shouting and hitting the streets for Uber to do the same.

UberX drivers rarely receive tips from passengers, mostly due to the confusion on Uber’s infomercial campaign that tips aren’t required.  Uber Drivers deserve to be tipped, so let’s not be cheap and do the right thing.

Do you tip Uber driver? Next time you request a ride from your Uber app—will you tip the drivers?

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