Never Miss a Call Ever Again with Callr

February 2, 2015

6:30 pm

When scheduling calls in my calendar – whether that’s a company-wide conference call, personal call, or whatever – I always include two reminders to make sure that I don’t forget to make the calls; each workday is long, and remembering every call that I have scheduled for that day is something that is just slightly beyond my mental capacity (or, at least, beyond my mental tolerance). But what if there were a world in which I no longer had to rely on these reminders? Thanks to the Washington, D.C.-based Callr, we now live in that reality.

Callr is a new service that allows you to connect directly to your calls without having to rely on calendar reminders or even having to physically dial numbers. And, as a working professional wholly reliant on my calendar (as I’m sure most of us are), having such a service at our disposal relieves several major pain points. Calendar events themselves are pretty important, since they include all the details for each call, such as the phone number of the person we need to talk to, or the conference call number and pin. On several occasions, though, I’ve been screwed over when I’m on-the-go and fail to catch the notifications on my phone, thereby causing me to either make it to a call late (and apologizing embarrassingly) or not make it at all (and effing with my life). Callr prevents such catastrophes from ever happening by calling you 30 seconds prior to your next call and connecting you directly with the person or party you’re scheduled to talk to.

“Me and my cofounder ran a consulting shop in DC for the last ten years, and we just got a ton of calls every day – to the point at which it got frustrating,” said Callr cofounder and CEO Mike Endale. “We wanted a way to be organized, but not have to remember conference call numbers or pin numbers…so we created a way.”

The way Callr works is simple: 1) enter the number of the phone that you want connected to Callr (whether that’s your office phone or cell phone), 2) connect your calendar (works with Google, Microsoft Outlook, and iOS and Android calendars), and 3) Callr will call you 30 seconds prior to the beginning of your next call, and connect you to that call directly. By connecting your calendar to Callr (which Endale assures me is 100 percent secure), the machine-learning service actually finds and determines the phone numbers in each event (whether it’s a conference call or a regular phone call), as well as the corresponding pin numbers. Because of this, it is able to connect you automatically to the right conference call or directly with the person you want to talk to – no calendar reminders necessary and no having to deal with plugging in pin numbers on your own. If you happen to miss the call from Callr, it will text you a phone number through which you can automatically connect to your call at your convenience.

According to Endale, Callr now works with Skype calls as well, with the service automatically putting you through into your Skype call. Soon, they’ll offer Google Hangout integration, as well as apps for both iOS and Android. Right now, you can try out Callr for free, which will allow you to receive up to 25 calls. You can also choose to upgrade to the basic or pro plans, which give you access to more calls, as well as additional features, such as a vacation mode or integration of international calls. While Callr is currently only available at the consumer-level, Endale said that they have plans for working on a version of the service to work with the more secured networks of enterprises.

To try Callr for yourself, visit their website.



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