NeverMissGift: Find Gifts for the Kids in Your Life

March 12, 2013

9:00 am

Given that I don’t have kids myself, but do have a busy schedule, getting presents for children is always a guessing game. It’s even less fun when you get them a present and then find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation with the parent. It goes something like this: “Didn’t you read the label? That toy is not safe for kids Bobby’s age.” Lucky for me, NeverMissGift has the perfect gift planning/management service.

Founded by Cristina Sierra, the site targets 25- to 45-year-old busy professionals, who don’t have time for, or are not familiar with, shopping for kids. It connects people on the go with the kids in their lives and delivers the perfect gift for the little ones.

Here’s how it works: The user creates an account and enters information on the kids they know, including age, special occasions, what type of child they are, gift budgets, and the address where the gift should be sent. NeverMissGift does the rest. Based on the age and personality criteria, it selects a present and sends it to the family, just in time for the special day.

The idea for the startup came from personal inspiration. Sierra says, “I referred to myself as a ‘bad aunt’ because I was constantly forgetting their birthdays and didn’t know what to get. The more I talked to people about my issue, the more I realized it was a common pain point. I decided to build a solution for myself and all the other bad aunts and uncles out there.”

There are several offerings in the gift space, from Amazon and Facebook to Citrus Lane and They tend to focus on a broad assortment of gifts, solely offer gift recommendations, or aren’t focused on children’s gifts. What differentiates this company, says Sierra, is that she’s  “targeting an ‘audience,’ which is people without children.”

NeverMissGift started as a one-women company in Dallas, and 2013 looks like an exciting year for this up-and-coming startup.

NeverMissGift was a showcased startup at the Tech Cocktail Dallas mixer.

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