These New Domains are Cool, But Also Dangerous

June 2, 2015

10:00 am

In the last couple of years, we have been watching the evolution of the new gTLDs (generic top-level domains). From the boring .com, .net, or .us, the Internet is now moving towards new and exciting domain names like .business, .ceo or .photo, among dozens of other interesting options.

However, along with these came other not-so-interesting domains, like .sucks or .wtf. Those domains can be used by ill-intentioned people to mock someone or some company, which can be bad for the affected party. So, with this in mind, many companies are forearming themselves by buying those domains and keeping them locked down, before anyone else can get their hands on them.

These new gTLDs can be great and offer many possibilities. For example, in the TV show Silicon Valley (which you should totally watch) the fictional company named Hooli which launches a program called Hooli XYZ. The show’s production team decided to launch an actual site for that program but, instead of going through the traditional ways (which usually forward visitors to the show’s homepage), they decided to do a full (fictional) website, using the new .xyz gTLD:

However, some of the new gTLDs can be bad. Other than the two already mentioned, domains like .porn or .xxx, which are great for the adult industry, can be harmful if used for other areas. And that is exactly why Microsoft has secured and office.adultjust like Taylor Swift and Harvard did with both domains, because no one wants to see their name associated with such domains, unless they are in the adult industry.

This is just another example of how important this “domain game” really is. Another one that happened recently involves someone running to be USA’s next President: former CEO of HP Carly Fiorina and her team forgot to take part in this game, and let the domain slide. Someone took the opportunity and bought the domain, turning it into a protest page against the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

That domain now shows a page that shows how many people she fired from HP using “:(” sad emoticon faces – there are 30,000 of them. The White House candidate had to settle for, a domain does not carry the same relevance when compared to a .org domain.

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