The New Nissan Leaf Is Cheap, Stylish, and Only Has One Pedal

September 6, 2017

11:30 am

Electric cars used to be a fever dream of hippies and environmentalists. Now, decades later, they’ve become the standard for a sustainable future. Between the Tesla self-driving car and every auto manufacturer in the world putting some kind of electric vehicle on the road, it’s only a matter of time before gas stations go the way of Blockbuster Video and Circuit City. And while Elon Musk is leading the pack, there are other companies making waves in the electric car fight. And Nissan is one of them.

At a special event on Tuesday, the car company announced the newest Nissan Leaf, their flagship electric car. The announcement comes after months of leaks, rumors, and speculation, culminating in a car that likely has competitors shaking in their fair-trade, ethically-produced, environmentally-friendly boots.

The Car

The Nissan Leaf comes with a bevy of new features, including semi-autonomous single-lane highway driving and parking assistance, thanks to Nissan’s ProPilot and ProPilot Park technology. Plus, the new design is not only stylish (a welcomed change from previous models), but also allows for a much smoother ride.

“The new Nissan Leaf’s design includes a low, sleek profile that gives it a sharp, dynamic look. Along with excellent aerodynamics, the styling — from the sleek silhouette to the car’s ‘advanced expression’ — evokes the exhilaration of driving an EV,” said Nissan in a statement to the Verge.

While those features are obviously a step in the right direction, the Nissan Leaf brings something a little more innovative to the table: a single pedal. Perhaps one of the most interesting automotive developments in decades, the Nissan Leaf will only have one pedal, allowing drivers to accelerate, decelerate, and stop with a single motion.

The Battery

The new Nissan Leaf has a 40 kWh battery. For the layman, that translates to a 150-mile range on a single charge, according to the announcement, under EPA testing. While this is a significant improvement from it’s previous 107-mile range, the Chevy Bolt (238-mile range) and the Tesla Model 3 (220-mile range) are still the gold standards to beat in the electric car revolution.

The Price

This is where the Nissan Leaf really shines. At a mere $29,990, the car comes in at nearly $6,000 less than the Model 3 and the Bolt, finally making electric cars an affordable option for a sustainable future. The vehicles will be available on October 2nd in Japan and will likely launched in the US and Canada in January 2018.

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