New Recipe Discovery Site “Pandora for Cooking”

April 23, 2012

12:10 pm

When you see a delicious looking picture of a meal, you probably begin craving something to munch on. Once you launch, expect that effect – times one hundred. The landing page of this recipe-discovery site is full of neatly organized pictures of all sorts of meals, with recipes one click away. Not to overwhelm you, gives you several options to find exactly what you want and does it in a very special way. Mili Mittal, the founder, described the process as “Pandora for Cooking”: learns your tastes and preferences, your allergies and skill level and recommends recipes that will work for your everyday life.

At the bottom of the page is a quiz to make sorting recipes fun. You can answer as many questions as you want, and will sort through their collection of recipes to find the dish you might enjoy the most. The quiz includes questions about your allergies, the type of cuisine you prefer to eat the most, “this or that” questions, etc. Basically, you can sift through the hundreds of recipes that come from myriad of food blogs in a matter of seconds.

“The main goal is to personalize and automate the cooking process as much as possible, so that instead of eating out you can fit cooking into your busy life schedule,” said Mittal. They are also working on adding such features as grocery list planning.

This is key, because there are three major reasons why people don’t cook: they either do not know how to, they do not have time or they just don’t like it. However, if you make the process of finding the recipe that teaches you how to cook in as few steps as possible without overwhelming you with myriad of choices, you have a high chance of converting even the most avid restaurant goers into home cooks.

Oh and if you wonder what means: a morsel is a “small tasty bite.”

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