Debating Politics Socially

September 23, 2010

8:16 pm

As Groucho Marx said, “politics is the art of looking for trouble.” While that may be the case, politics need to be discussed. The World Wide Web is full of opportunities for the public to post their ideas and opinions, however, what always seems to be missing is a place where people rationally discuss and debate their opinions with all members of the political sphere. Lucky for us, has been released with the lofty goal of providing an unbiased environment to discuss user-generated political posts. encourages communication between political junkies, activists, officials and community members. Like on a forum or message board, users submit their posts and hope that the community will reply. On, unlike on a simple forum or message board, users can also rate the subjects discussed and debate with the community in a social way. Debate Example from 9/23/1

When you join you are instantly asked about your views on the topics of the day and given a Poly-Q score which determines your political affiliation. With your political identity determined, you are encouraged to post an article on a subject of your choice for the community to read, support or oppose, and share. Once the post is published, the community can debate the topic and you can have a vivid discussion with members of all political parties across the web. The post will then collect opinions from fellow readers and display them in the Audience Tracker so that you and your community know where the topic stands. Once there is enough traction and related content, you can filter your news and search for items that you may want to discuss.

As with most social networking products today, also has a gaming aspect. Once your post receives multiple votes, it is eligible to appear on the front page. The posts with the most votes (support from readers) across the site are automatically published on the Front Page where a 24-hour debate countdown begins. The user whose comments on the article garner the most support wins the debate. This way, there is a definitive winner in the game of politics. How often can you say that you’ve won a political debate?  Let the debates begin! ‘s founder Brian Wililams created to:

“bring people of all political stripes together, while allowing them to filter and debate views in a meaningful way.”

Come by and discuss your thoughts with him about the site at TECH cocktail DC Fall 2010 on September 29th, 2010.

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Samantha has been a long time contributor to Tech Cocktail, and runs SLS Consulting, a marketing and partnerships practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow Samantha at @sfsam22.

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