2015: the Year of Smarter Internal Communications

January 26, 2015

8:00 pm

The way we keep our employees informed and engaged in the workplace is radically changing. Many companies have begun to deploy social and mobile collaboration tools that are altering the ways we build company culture and increase productivity. As companies become more proactive about adopting new internal communications technologies, we are now seeing how employees can play a bigger role in forming internal communications practices in the workplace.

Many organizations are leveraging new tools such as social networks, mobile, and visual storytelling to collaborate, champion company culture, and build brand ambassadors from within.

So how exactly are they doing it? Here are five internal communications trends to watch for in 2015:

  1. Visualizing with Video

When it comes to internal communications, video has long been used for employee training videos, but consider how it can also be used to communicate your company culture, announcements, expectations, and goals. Video is visually eye-catching, it's personal, and these days it's even easy to make. Including video in your internal communication strategy is a more personable and memorable way to share company updates, whether your team is big or small.

  1. Going Mobile

With the “Bring Your Own Device” trend becoming increasingly accepted in the work environment, companies are finding new ways to make their internal communications mobile device friendly. Embracing a mobile communication strategy has many benefits, especially for organizations that need to collaborate with team members scattered in different locations. Mobile allows employees to access messages quickly and easily and consume content wherever they may be.

As we move into the new year, consider how your team could benefit from one of the many mobile collaboration tools out there; whether it’s to help your organization remove communication barriers or increase your employees’ productivity.

Smarter Internal Communications



  1. Embracing Social Media

Many organizations are still very strict on employee social media usage. Even so, the trend towards encouraging employees to act as brand ambassadors and post on social media is on the rise. Many companies have realized the benefits of having employees spread exciting company news on social media greatly outweigh the risks, so long as proper social media education and risk mitigation are in place.

Social media in the workplace is still a fairly new concept; however, it also presents a huge opportunity for internal communication, collaboration, and innovation. Internal social networks can help employees innovate new ideas faster and share them across the organization with ease.

  1. Measuring ‘Return on Communication’

A struggle for many companies is measuring the value and impact of their internal communications, which is key for improving employee engagement and measuring return on investment. New tools are needed that go beyond an annual meeting or paper survey to gather employee feedback. Whether it’s an online tool or mobile application, we will see new solutions begin to emerge that will help companies measure employee engagement with their internal messaging strategies.

  1. Becoming More Human

“Humanizing” a brand is a hot topic in marketing right now, but many companies are also applying this concept to their internal communications. Traditional internal communications tend to focus too heavily on company strategy and long-term initiatives, and not enough on the actual people doing the work in the business. Adding more “human” stories to your internal publications can help build company culture and, more importantly, give your employees a voice.

By adopting new technologies and tools such as video, mobile and social for internal communication purposes, many organizations are taking a giant leap forward with their ability to collaborate, build company culture, and increase productivity.


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