38 Colleges with Most Alumni as Fortune 500 CEOs

January 15, 2015

2:30 pm

Today marks one of the major college admission application due dates for high school seniors (I know this because my youngest brother submitted his final two applications last night). For those who happened to apply to Clark University or the University of Colorado-Boulder (and luckily gain acceptance), there’s a slight chance that he or she may find themselves in a position of power if they decide to attend those schools. Correlation doesn’t equal causation, of course, but according to a ranking of the top colleges that produced the most alumni in CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies, colleges like Clark and CU-Boulder seem to be hotbeds for future corporate leaders.

The ranking was compiled by, an online resource for prospective college students. Using data from the 2013 Fortune 500 list and the Alma Mater Index of Global CEOs, the website lists the top colleges with the most alumni as Fortune 500 CEOs. In addition, the rankings take into consideration the number of degrees conferred to Fortune 500 CEOs overall (in the likelihood that some CEOs gain more than one degree from the same college), as well as the combined gross annual revenue of the Fortune 500 companies represented by the CEOs.

While many of the schools on the list are pretty typical  – with Harvard, Stanford, and Penn taking up the top three spots – there are a few surprises, such as SMU in 10th place and San Diego State in 16th.

Here are the 38 colleges with the most alumni in Fortune 500 CEO roles:

Top Colleges with Most Alumni in Fortune 500 CEO Roles

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