Amp.It App is Searching for Hip-Hop’s Next Star

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Miami-based startup Amp.It is partnering with eMerge Americas to announce the winner of their global competition Take Back the Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop, May 4th in Miami. The company has launched a music competition to find Hip Hop's next stars from around the world with the help of fans on social media.

Amp.It allows music fans to follow new artists and promote music on Facebook. It adds a gaming factor that allows fans to compete with one another to be main curator of musical content shared online.

“The vision of the project is to amplify the voices of the best & brightest artists from around the world – to bring a local legend, to the global stage,” explained founder Derrick N. Ashong. “We empower fans to discover and promote the next generation of great artists.”

By launching the app with a global competition like Take Back the Mic, Ashong believes that it will only increase engagement and create excitement. The amp.it team is currently filming an American Idol style production of the competition in Kingston, Medellín & Rio. Artists from those cities are encouraged to apply and submit content with their music in order to compete. Three finalists will be chosen by fans on the Amp.It platform, where they will win a trip to perform at the New World Center.

Take Back the Mic is where it all manifests. Fans decide who represents them. The community decides who gets to go. Digital competition and on the ground movement,” said Ashong.

Social media has changed how people discover new music. We no longer rely on magazines or MTV to discover new artists. And despite popular belief, Facebook continues to be millennials' favorite platform to stalk artists (although Instagram's popularity is growing). For musicians–when leveraged in the right ways–social media helps increase awareness and fan bases. Amp.it helps connect musicians to fans, regardless of what stage in their musical career they are in.

eMerge Americas seems to be the perfect opportunity for the announcement of the winners, given the event's tech and music focus. Last year, musician Armando Christian Pérez aka.Pitbull, was a main speaker at the event.  eMerge Americas has partnered with NBC-Universal/Telemundo to cover & livestream the event.

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