Amp by OIO Turns Your iPad Air Into a Home Theater Experience

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The iPad was the first iteration of the tablet, bringing these sleek screens into our homes for the first time. While they provided the portability of a smartphone and the immersion of a laptop, the comparatively smaller size and limited speakers made its entertainment capabilities less than desirable. Fortunately, one startup has created a solution that will turn your iPad into the home theater system you've always wanted.

Amp by IOI, a Columbus-based startup, has developed a premium acoustic, low profile case, designed to give high quality sound combined with case-like, portable protection for iPad Air and iPad Air 2. While the average iPad speaker can barely wake you up from a short nap, Amp by IOI has the deafening sound that only a home theater system can provide.

Sure, hi-fi sound on your iPad sounds great, but won't these speakers get in the way of the everyday tasks you want to accomplish with your favorite tablet? Not at all! The only thing iPads require more than better speakers is a quality case, and Amp by OIO provides both. This easily-attachable product uses its built-in stand, Bluetooth connectivity, and 7-hour battery life to impress anyone that questions your iPad's home theater characteristics.

After launching a supremely successful Indiegogo campaign that raised more than enough funds to get them started, Amp by OIO is currently showcasing at CES in an effort to create enough buzz to make this product the go-to case and speaker system for your iPad. If you're currently at CES, check out their product to see the future of tablet enhancement.

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