AMPY Wins at Tech.Co’s Startup Night at CES

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Last week was a busy week in Las Vegas, NV, where thousands from around the world gathered for this year's International CES. According to CES, more than 170,000 professionals from around the world (including more than 50,000 from outside the United States) attended this year's event, where more than 3,800 exhibitors took their latest technologies and showed them off to attendees. Making sure not to miss out on all the CES action, Tech.Co partnered with CES for a Startup Night event in Downtown Las Vegas.

The line at the door at our Startup Night event in Downtown Las Vegas.

Startup Night in Downtown Las Vegas featured 20 startups selected by Tech.Co to present their consumer electronics to the nearly 1,000 attendees at the event. Each of the startups selected to participate got the opportunity to showcase their products, and each had a shot to taking home the title of best startup. In the end, AMPY was selected as the Tech.Co Judges' Pick. At this year's CES, AMPY presented the world's smallest wearable motion charger, which allows users to collect energy throughout the day and convert it into power for their smartphones or any other USB-powered devices. According to the founders, one hour of exercise will get you up to five hours of standby power and one hour of normal use.

AMPY won Tech.Co Judges' Pick at the Tech.Co Startup Night event at CES.

In addition to AMPY winning Tech.Co Judges' Pick, D-Vine and GoSun won our online readers' poll. GoSun is a solar cooker that heats up in 10 minutes and can cook your food in up to 550 degrees – whether that's baking, steaming, or grilling. D-Vine allows you to enjoy a glass of wine at the perfect temperature and aeration – setting and fixing the right temperature for whatever your chosen wine.

GoSun allows you cook things in up to 550-degree temps using solar power.