6 Must-Have Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

April 29, 2016

6:00 pm

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Successful entrepreneurs are creative, driven and don't mind eating Ramen for every meal. They also are faced with a lot of difficult decisions and stressful situations that no one should have to go through alone. Fortunately, if you have an Android phone, you won't have to. For entrepreneurs, there are some incredible apps that boosts productivity and consolidate tasks for every day use. 

Check out six of the best Android-powered apps in this list to get a jump start on your entrepreneurial chores.

Evernote (Comprehensive Note Taking)

evernote - note taking app - productivity apps

Evernote is the elaborately simple to consolidate all your notes. It’s flexible, productive, and allows users to keep thoughts organized. Set reminders, organize documents and archive bills and receipts for future use. Saving a picture to document? Jotting down a quick idea? Sharing your documents with colleagues? It's all doable in the click of a button. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have probably already forgotten your best idea.

Arrow Launcher (App Launcher)

arrow launcher - best productive app for android

While a launcher may seem like an unlikely app for this list, entrepreneurs always need to save as much time as possible on the little things to focus on the big picture. The most-used apps are at the top so you will shave seconds off your daily schedule, making for a more productive afternoon. It would enable you to access and launch apps faster without wasting your time searching for it on the App drawer.

LastPass (Password Management)

lastpass - best password manager

If you've never forgotten your password, then you are not human. Everyone's special code slips their mind sometimes. But with this convenient app, you'll be able to keep the necessary credentials hidden from outside eyes while providing them to you with no hassle. No need to regularly reset passwords. Once you keep it safe with LastPass, you’re just a single click away from logging in.

Buffer (Social Media Management)

buffer - productivity apps to save time

Has keeping up with your social media channels become more of a hassle than a benefit? Buffer consolidates all of them into one place and allows you to post, analyze and edit content from every site. Just set up your various accounts and start posting! You can even schedule future posts to make consistent content development that much easier.

Brave (Multi-Tasking Browser)

productivity apps - apps entrepreneurs must have

When smartphones came out, multi-tasking abilities was a particularly advertised feature. But with Brave, you'll be able to switch between multiple apps, browsers and more without so much as a second thought. Whether someone sent you a link or a project, you'll be able to maintain the conversation without rudely ignoring them while you watch a cat play a piano.

Duolingo (Learn Languages)

learn language for free - productivity apps for entrepreneurs

While being multi-lingual is not necessary for all entrepreneurs, it can go a long way in acquiring new customers and impressing old ones. With Duolingo, learning a new language is less time consuming and more affordable. This app helps you learn almost all languages on the go for free. Play games, take tests and get coached by an owl in a track suit with this convenient and affordable Android app.

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