4 Big Data Trends to Watch

November 18, 2017

10:30 am

The hope for the next generation of businesses is that the large quantities of data, which is accessible to the masses, can help in planning everything from better decision making to executing better marketing campaigns.

The greatest advantage of big data is that it’s visual, quantitative and empathetic. In the coming years, we may see some advancements in big data, seeking more qualitative and empathetic bits of data and visualizing it in a more accessible way.

So, what are the major significant data trends that project managers and professionals should be aware of in the coming year? Here are four to keep an eye on.

Machine Learning

In the past few years, machine learning has taken massive steps forward with the amazing invention in technology. They have even emerged to assist Google’s search engine algorithm, but they seem to appear in a limited range of applications. In the coming year, we expect to see an increased integration of machine learning as well as microservices. We also expect to see a lot of machine learning updates in almost all of the different types of consumer application on the market, from better product offerings based on purchase history to regularly improving the user experience of an analytics app.


In 2016, Blockchain made headlines on the distributed technology as the new trend that would change organizations especially the financial services. In 2017, we have seen the drastic rise of Bitcoin price which has led to more organizations taking part in Bitcoin mining. The advancement in blockchain has contributed to the success of many businesses. In 2018, it is anticipated that blockchain technology may go beyond the banking sector, to help startups and established businesses to address the market with different service applications.

mastering blockchain

Mixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality)

We’ve seen major strides taken in augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology in the last two years with the grand launch of Pokemon Go in 2016, which received an overwhelming 100 million users in just a few weeks. Similarly, there were thousands of VR apps and games released in the same period. The market seems to be ready for AR and VR. Also, there are some advanced devices and tech, including the new iPhone X, ready for these apps in place, but we expect to see things take off in the coming year which may see a lot of marketing opportunities come up.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 1980, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) held its first national conference to mark the application of theories in software. Today, artificial general intelligence is emerging because of deep learning, a subfield of machine learning that is used to create artificial neural networks and can form different patterns in big data. Since there are increased computing power and a vast amount of data, deep learning is becoming widely known and available for most entities. In 2017 and coming years, we expect to see many learning apps that could impact our lives in a positive way.

Amazon AR

Making future assumptions and prediction can be a puzzling task. There may be a lot of additional trends in the coming year, but the ones in the above list are most likely to attract market attention for the remaining part of the year and in 2018. This is a great insight to help the marketers and businesses to plan their future business strategies and commit the right resources in these technologies.

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