Here Are 6 Digital Marketing Resources For Entrepreneurs

May 20, 2016

8:00 pm

Progress only moves forwards, which is why digital marketing is here to stay. Whether it be through social media or email campaigns, reaching customers on the world wide web is the fastest and most effective way to bring in revenue. So what’s the secret to success in digital marketing?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer. Fortunately, there’s a multitude of elements that make for a good digital marketing strategy. And it’s easier than ever to navigate the digital landscape with tools and apps designed for the marketer in you. With the help of digital marketing resources, you can change the way your company reaches out to potential customers. Let’s get to know six of these resources to help you achieve the best results.

KissMetrics Blog

Whether you’ve created an online blog or an e-commerce website, you’ll find more than enough information on digital marketing at KissMetrics. This website is key for beginners as it holds your hand through the nitty gritty bits of marketing.

Their guide will walk you through everything from email marketing to social media campaigns. It also includes a number of proven ways to help promote your product by utilizing the power of your brand to its fullest potential.

Moz Blog

Moz Blog is for the experience marketer looking to improve their strategy in more ways than one. You’ll find a wide range of in-depth articles that cover the advanced strategies that winning companies take advantage of.

Don’t just skim; take the time to really delve into these pieces to acutely tune your strategy to bring in the most customers possible. It also has a number of analyzing tools that can help you get a better idea of what your company is capable of.


If you are tired of reading online articles and short blurbs about how to improve your strategy, HubSpot has a wide range of ebooks that will help you get the job done. You’ll even be able to find tools and templates that will ease you into the digital marketing game with a cookie cutter example of what works.

Say you’re having a hard time creating an infographic that will grab the attention of your customers. With the help of HubSpot resources, you can download amazing infographics at the click of a button.

Smashing Magazine

Want to do it yourself? If you’re interested in learning the technical side of design, then Smashing Magazine is the place to go. It includes resources that are dedicated to website, logo and icon design. You’ll also be able to enhance user experience with this convenient service.

While a professional can help you get the perfect look for your website, the money spent isn’t always worth it. With Smashing Magazine, you’ll save more money than you could’ve ever imagined.

Google Analytics

While everyone on the planet knows the importance of Google-based resources, the value of Google Analytics knows no bounds. After all, there is no way to know what’s working without a means of tracking your progress. Whether you need to find out how many views you have on Facebook or how many clicks you have on an ad, Google Analytics can help.

If you think this is too complicated to work with your website, you’re wrong. With a simple code, you’ll have all the information you need faster than ever.

Quick Sprout Blog

While digital marketing tools can go a long way in bringing in customers, knowing what you’re doing wrong is just as important. With Quick Sprout Blog, you’ll be treated to a wide range of typical mistakes that entrepreneurs are making. All you have to do is read a single article and you will be shocked at how many of these startup-killing errors you are committing.

Don’t worry; the website also provides a wide range of solutions so you aren’t stuck with your pants around your ankles when you find out how wrong you’ve been. Just take note and start working towards a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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