Mugshot Junkie: See Mugs, Arrests, Read Stories, and Socialize

Clay McIlrath

Is social media, good or bad when it comes to public records? Your opinion could quickly change depending on what story is going viral. Meet Mugshot Junkie, and you'll quickly be laughing or relieved to see people arrested around the US. From speeding tickets to murders, and unthought-of crimes in between, there are all types of arrests and unique mugs to go along with the stories. The site leverages technology and social media in a whole new way, following a similar path to Facebook by scraping websites for records and storing the data for the rest of the world to share on their network of choice. Of course, these arrests don't imply that the users were actually convicted or found guilty, but either way, the mugs and charges usually explain themselves and let you draw your own conclusion.

Mugshot Junkie also features articles that are often highly amusing or help locate wanted criminals or missing people. In addition, users become more aware of what's going on in their own backyard. Whether for entertainment purposes, informational, or both, this site doesn't disappoint.

Mugshot Junkie also plans to launch a mobile version this fall.

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Clayton McIlrath is an entrepreneur, programmer and teacher. He enjoys the process of learning, exploring, and doing all things creative as well as sharing his experiences with others. Being an entrepreneur and business owner, he has a heart for helping others start their own ventures.