Multi-Touch, Multi-App, and Multi-User: Emo2’s “Anywhere” Device

January 2, 2014

4:31 pm

I used to hate touchscreens. When the first iPhone came out – with its touch interface – I was a bit saddened that it didn’t have a physical keypad (I used to be huge fan of my BlackBerry). Thank God I got over that phase; otherwise, I’d have a really difficult time acclimating to our current age of touchscreens. From smartphones games that improve cognitive performance to tablets being used in coffeeshops, touchscreen technology will only continue to increase its relevance in our lives. It’s no wonder, really, why Emo2 would go into really exploring the uses of such technology.

Miami-based Emo2 makes large, interactive, table, touch devices. Their unique operating system enables multiple users to interact simultaneously on any of the company’s devices. Emo2 has also built a Cloud platform that enables them to deploy a network of interconnected touch-enabled, large-screen displays in cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

Called the “Emo2 Anywhere,” the device allows multiple users to interact at any one time on more than one application; several people can play games and view other apps and content all at the same time, without any OS issues (since the OS is created by the company itself, and is aimed at smoothly allowing such operations to happen).

“The software on [similar devices for Microsoft] are not truly multi-users. Users cannot interact with multiple independent applications on these devices,” says founder Mir Abid-Hussain. On the Emo2 Anywhere, users can not only use the same device at one time, but everyone can be engaged in his or her own separate application. The OS is capable of operating several applications at any one time. This means that one user can be playing a game while another is using a document generator – all on the same Emo2 Anywhere device.

From a business perspective, it makes the product an easy sell to their target venues. Since the device allows for multiple users to work on independent things at any one time, it removes the single-user barrier that still remains for most touch-devices. I mean why invest in, say, 30 separate iPads that can support 30 people at one time, when you can get 5 Emo2 Anywheres that can support the same number of people running their own independent applications? (This, of course, comes with the understanding that touch devices are a necessary part of one’s business – maybe some new-age coffeeshop that digs technology).

You can check out the Emo2 Anywhere in the video below.

Emo2 was most recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s Miami Mixer & Startup Showcase. 

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