There’s an App That Will Help You Name Your Startup

August 27, 2015

4:00 pm

“It too hard,” shouted the founder to the void. There are simply too many startups out there and having to come up with a name for your planned venture is tough when you’re trying to position yourself against your competitors and an entire field of companies. Coming up with the right startup name is important, and a wrong name could contribute to the eventual death of your company. Early this morning, namewhale, a startup name generator app for iOS, was posted on Product Hunt, and its goal is to help you pin down the right name for your company.

“Think about it – hundreds of startups are being created every single day, while domain availability continues to diminish by the second. Your best shot at getting a good domain is to completely make up a word,” writes namewhale developer Mo Bitar. “Making up a word is hard though. I created namewhale to solve this problem – to help startup founders come up with a nice sounding name for their startup. It started when my friend asked me to brainstorm some ideas for names for his new recruiting startup. After days of back and forth, I thought, there really has to be a better way.”

According to Bitar, other startup name generators only give you the option of using two input words and doesn’t do much to produce any creative ideas – they simply move some letters around and give you a few options to choose from. The namewhale startup name generator allows you to input as many words as you’d like (with a recommendation of at least four) that tie into your industry or even just words that “sound nice.”

I tried out the app for myself and was bombarded with a string of made up words for my on-demand snack delivery service via social media startup. My first attempt used a handful of keywords that were tied to overall idea of my brilliant startup idea. Namewhale, in turn, generated 100ish startup names for me to use. Honestly, a lot of them are nonsensical and don’t really serve as viable options for the name of a company. Maybe “Iatery”?

Namewhate Startup Name Generator: Attempt 1

Startup names or Nordic words?

While namewhale gives you a lot of options, they’re mostly idiotic IMHO. It seems like the app really just jumbles all the letters together and poops out stupid startup name options that in no way reflect your idea. I gave it a second attempt and used less input words. The result? Again, an extensive list of mostly nonsensical names that can possibly used for any potentially successful startup.


I guess “Demandery” could work, right?

Namewhale gives you 15 free generations a day, but also offers you to upgrade for a premium (which, honestly, why would you?). It’s an interesting take on a startup name generator, but overall it’s more fun than actually practical.

You can download namewhale for free on iOS.

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