Programming for Non-Programmers: It’s Time You Learn

February 11, 2015

3:33 pm

It’s kind of overwhelming if you’re interested in programming but have little to no prior knowledge of how to program. That’s why One Month today announced the launch of their Programming for Non-Programmers course.

The course will be taught by Chris Castiglione, and it will teach students the essentials of development while simultaneously providing them the tools needed to talk to programmers, developers, and technologists. Or, as the One Month team likes to says, they’ll learn how to speak geek and save money, time, and headache on their future projects.

Course participants will tackle basic development principles to get started on the right path. Castiglione will explain front-end and back-end, what UX is – and why your project needs it, and why you keep sending strange math equations to that Javascript function thingy.

By the end of the course, you’ll have completed three web projects from scratch. The idea from One Month’s point of view is that you’ll swear at your developers a lot less and may end up actually wanting to be a developer yourself.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to better connect with your developers, plan, budget, and execute your projects.

“After teaching myself programming and becoming a programmer myself, I realized that there was a big gap in what people thought we did — and what actually happens,” says Castiglione. “It frustrated me, because so much business communication can be improved with a basic primer in coding, and web development principals.”

Castiglione, since first starting Programming for Non-Programmers, has taught his course at the New York Stock Exchange, General Electric, Donors Choose, and Columbia University. He’s also used his expertise to develop sites for The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, and American Express.

Throughout it all he has held fast to a central philosophy: learning how to code isn’t just for developers and geeks anymore.

“The future of business means we’ll all need to dip our toes in, and the smartest entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives are leaning in and teaching themselves these valuable skills,” says Castiglione.





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