OneHive: Powerful and Simple Checklists to Make Teamwork Effective

February 11, 2016

2:00 pm

Whether you are a two-person organization or a firm with 10 or more employees, the key to success is good project management, which assumes clear tasks and a good checklist updated frequently. Some use complex project management software or to-do lists, while others prefer various other methods, but the core of every tool is the ability to quickly and effectively create, manage, and track day-to-day work. That's the area OneHive targets with a sharp focus on mobile.


Created by HiveCheckList Inc., the OneHive app is available as a free download, and there are no in-app purchases. The app creators have focused on simplicity, so the app is actually a mix of project management software and to-do lists, but stripped down to the essentials. The result is an app which allows users to create checklists.

Signing up for OneHive is easy: You can either use your Google account, or your work or personal email, and off you go. From that moment on, the app welcomes you with a tutorial to learn the basics, which are very simple and easy to understand, so you'll feel confident in mastering the app in just a minute or two.

As soon as you have the project, it's time to add checklists, items, and sub-items right from your mobile device. (If you don't want to work on a small screen, you can always switch to your computer's Web browser.) Meanwhile, you can invite your team members to join the platform, and then share and assign the tasks to the right people.


OneHive provides a handful of templates to get you started, but I figure you don't need them, since you already know what you want to do with your project and what milestones you need to reach to succeed with it.

Although OneHive assumes you will use other methods for communication and file sharing, it does come with Dropbox integration and allows users to attach files. Also, there is a comment option, which is limited to 140 characters per entry.

Overall, OneHive is a lightweight but powerful app that helps project managers in their work, as it gives them real-time updates on the team's progress. It gives you a quick glance at what has been done and what still needs to be done, but, as I said above, that's about it. OneHive's limitations are the features that makes it noteworthy, since it prohibits the user from getting lost in the details. It focuses on and fulfills the purpose for which it was designed: to make teamwork effective.

There is something I feel it lacks, though: an Apple Watch app. But that's something the developers could add in future updates. OneHive is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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